Wednesday, June 1, 2016

gary dysentery, dysentery gary


Started out
Blink One Eighty Two
Lost the nerve
Changed it all
Pretty okay with 
Another night in jail...

Life just sucks
I lost the one
I'm giving up
He found someone
There's plenty more
Bars are such a drag

oh yeah

Ease away the problems and the pain
With vicodin and lame 
Proffered conspiracies that they're gonna say
Pain of the stupid problems of the day
Say I've never spent a single night alone
Prone to being, too charming and then ul-tim-ate-ly sold

But see I'm only good at rhymes
Problem of the times
Find me with 
The cute little gunshot wound to the head
Said it all before
Is this really something anyone can adore

Buy tickets to my show 
Cobain like sigh
Without the coalescence, 
Restless to the core
Sore and insensitive
Completely without the stupid little justice, we expect

Fuck this place
I lost the war
I hate you all
Your mom's a whore
Where's my dog
Bars are such a drag

oh yeah 

Got a lotta heart ache
They are fucking weasels
Decisions make my mind ache
Want to make a deal
It's hard to have them reason
When they're bent on their stupid, stinkin' greed 

I hate their lives
And everything they stand for
I'd like to make them kneel
 Abandon all their ideals
Steal from them and make their minds hurt
Give them their just desserts

Fuck this place
The kid who ran away
I'm impressive all the same
Or really kind of lame
Comes out all the same
In the end...


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