Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In A Minute...

I hate birthdays. I hate the forced celebration, the fake niceties, and especially the getting older part. I always breathe a sigh of relief when the clock strikes midnight and the day is officially over. All throughout the day you think you have to be doing something awesome because it’s your birthday. Not even a second can be wasted. I mean this day only comes around once a year. But the pressure is exhausting. It’s hard to do something meaningful every second for an entire day. In a lot of ways I wish I could just sleep through the entire anniversary of the day of my birth. I think about all the stress that I would be avoiding, all the pressure to find awesome things to do. But I suppose that wouldn’t be fair to those around me who want to celebrate. So I’ve decided to abandon that selfish and immature thought. I’m not going to forget what I hate about birthdays though. Instead I’ll just suffer through it, the nagging pressure of the day be damned. Soon it will be over and I’ll have a year of reprieve.


  1. The Day is suppose to be about you and you should take it for yourself. I took the liberty to sleep in, eat a great breakfast and then head to class, instead of the standard routine 8am library session til class. I agree, too much pressure to "celebrate" but instead just ReLAX! :D

  2. But the day is so rare, you get caught up in the hype.